Day 23: Seoul street noodles

Are you a Russian? the waiter asked. (It was a novel experience having table service at a street food stall.)

No, I laughed, and realised I must look like some stereotypical caricature of what a Russian might wear in a cartoon: big brown coat, fluffy wool hat, wrapped up against the elements.

But my getup was justified: it was damn cold. And a steaming bowl of noodles was the best possible thing I could have had. Clear, light broth, thin wheat noodles, a bit of fishcake-like substance and a dab of chilli. Cheap, filling, good.



2 thoughts on “Day 23: Seoul street noodles

  1. I think your hat is super cute! Sorry that the Americans you ran into in your prior post wouldn’t even share a chair that was open.. we are very rude and seem to take over everything. Take care and stay bundled up!

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